• July
  • 5
  • 2017

Yuchen Zhang / Color Anthropology

This past April, 2nd year illustrator Yuchen Zhang was one of sixty artists invited by Light Grey Art Lab to produce works examining the symbolism and significance behind color.

For the show, Color Anthropology, the participating artists “were tasked with creating work based on the cultural impact of a specific hue of their choosing. These artists were free to research and explore the cultural significance of this color across thousands of years.”

The work in Color Anthropology discussed “a spectrum of colors and how each color has shaped the political, social, metaphysical and anthropological landscapes for thousands of years.” By comparing the unique significance of each color, Light Grey Art Lab invites viewers to dive into what makes us feel, revere, loathe, or crave certain colors.

The opening reception also featured an artist talk by Megan Nicole Dong and Stu Livingston. Dong is a marine biology enthusiast, cartoonist and animation professional currently working as a director at Nickelodeon Animation Studios. Livingston is director, storyboard artist and cartoonist based in Los Angeles, currently co-directing “Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie” for Nickelodeon Animation Studios

Zhang’s piece included in Color Anthropology was titled “Calling From The Other World.”

Photography courtesy of Light Grey Art Lab

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