• May
  • 2
  • 2017

Jesse R. Lentz / 2017 Thesis Candidate

Jesse R. Lentz references a long history of collection and curation, including the way women used objects to cement their place in the world, as well as folk tradition of  the power in objects. In her work, Lentz collects and presents the domestic, the found, the collected, the hoarded, the purchased, and the folk story into an installation that one could come upon in their grandparents’ attic. For her thesis work Lentz has created a new place for discovery and wonder, a piece based on slum housing and doll house building aesthetics,

Be sure to join us on Friday, May 12th from 6-9pm at the MFA Graduate Studios to enjoy Jesse’s thesis work, along with the other 2017 graduates!

MFA Thesis Exhibition and Reception

For more information: visit Jesse R Lentz online.

Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies

Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies

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