• October
  • 27
  • 2017

Zoe Cinel + Chelsea Reeck / Transient Structures

This October, 2nd year MFA student Zoe Cinel curated a show for Gallery 148 on MCAD’s main campus. The show, Transient Structures, includes MFA photography alum Chelsea Reeck ’17 as one of three featured artists. Transient Structures focuses on the patient experience and current medical practices, exhibiting the work of three artists who have had different but comparable experiences of being hospitalized or dealing with a mental or physical illness. These experiences have deeply influenced the practices of each artist featured in the show.

“Medical practices and institutions have developed to become significantly more advanced on a technological basis; yet in many cases progress has still not reached the patient in terms of acceptance and empathy. Culturally, the patient continually plays the role of waiting, while others enact upon them to cure the patient. This show examines medicine from the patient’s perspective by understanding the impact that the experience of being a patient has on an individual.
Transient Structures focuses on art as a means to engage with people who have not had those experiences in order to foster empathy.

The exhibition also included a panel discussion where the MCAD community was invited to come experience the work and discuss their varied experiences as patients.

Photography by Libby Wiswall and Yi Wan.

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Transient Structures
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