• November
  • 17
  • 2017

Xiaojie Liu / Overcoming Adversity at B. I. Worldwide Gallery

2nd year MFA illustrator Xiaojie Liu was one of nine artists featured in a show at B. I. Worldwide Gallery in Edina, Minnesota. Curated by Daren Hill and Olivia Schroder, the exhibition Overcoming Adversity was a selection of 2-D work that addressed the feeling of overcoming a challenge. Artists explored the range of emotions that come with facing adversity: from the struggle in the challenge to the moment of triumph to the emotional state that follows.

Having left her native China to study in the United States, Xiaojie has faced her fair share of adversity. As an international student, Xiaojie has dealt with a lot of changes during the transition including adapting to new languages, foods, ways of thinking, and more. Her work addresses her experiences in dealing with a transformation of identity.

Photography by Yi Wan.

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