• October
  • 27
  • 2017

Visiting Artist / Casey Opstad

This past week, MFA painting alum Casey Opstad ’11 stopped by the MFA studios to meet with current students and engage in conversations about their current practices. Three students had the opportunity to invite Opstad into their studios: 2nd year interdisciplinary student Jordan Moen ’18, and 1st year painting students Yuta Uchida ’19 and Clarissa Odin ’19.

Opstad is a Philadelphia based artist, often hired to complete large-scale chalkboard drawings for companies like General Assemb.ly, Bit.ly, Venmo, PayPal, and others. He has drawn portraits of people such as Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Clara Barton, Leonard Nimoy, and many more.

Thanks for visiting, Casey!

For more information:

Jordan Moen
Yuta Uchida
Clarissa Odin

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