• July
  • 21
  • 2017

Sight & Sound / ILLOZINE + James O’Brien

This July, MCAD MFA illustration current students, mentors, and alumni will have work on display at Solid State, a new vinyl record store in the Longfellow neighborhood of south Minneapolis. The show, titled Sight & Sound, was organized by MFA mentor James O’Brien in collaboration with his locally published zine, ILLOZINE.

ILLOZINE, published by O’Brien, is a quarterly zine about ideas and drawing, experimentation, and self-expression. The zine seeks to encourage illustrators developing their personal vision or creating a new voice, breaking out of their routine, and pushing their creativity.

“When not making work for clients, illustrators keep busy by creating personal work. It’s a daily regimen of exploration, experimentation, and keeping the wheels moving. This show is a collection of personal work by a smart group of young illustrators (and their mentors) associated with the MFA program at The Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Their work exemplifies their passions.”

Featured artists include current MFA illustration students Sishir Bommakanti ’18, Xiaojie Liu ’18, and Jessica Welhaf ’18; MFA illustration alumni Alex Mitchell ’16 and Jacob Yeates ’17; and MFA mentors Allegra Lockstadt, James O’Brien, and Ryan Peltier.

Sight & Sound will be on display at Solid State until July 31. Don’t miss a chance to stop by!

Photo Credit: Zoe Cinel and Phil Borreson

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