• August
  • 18
  • 2016

Alumni Highlight / Mandy Martinson’s Bless This Mess

This month, Mandy Martinson ’16 and local artist Daniel McCarthy-Clifford hosted a group show of their works at the Hopkins Center for the Arts. In the exhibition, Bless this Mess, both artists reflect on their exposure to criminology, and in so doing, deconstruct conventional perceptions of the “idyllic” home and family life.

Mandy’s work confronts the collision between the mundane and the macabre. Influenced by her father’s work as an investigator of violent crime, she uses photography and artifacts to create her own personal and anecdotal investigations exploring the complexities of perception and exposure.

Bless this Mess opened on August 4th, and will be on view until the 4th of September.

For more information:
Mandy Martinson
Daniel McCarthy-Clifford
Hopkins Center for the Arts


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