• April
  • 21
  • 2016

Alumni Highlight / Lindsey Ries’s Urban Extracts

This month, MFA alum Lindsey Ries is having her paintings showcased, along with local artist Mike Welton, in the Inez Greenberg Gallery at Artistry, Bloomington’s Center For the Arts. The show is aptly titled Urban Extracts. 

Lindsey’s work contains both rural and architectural motifs, and she portrays the landscape with elements of abstraction and representational forms. She graduated from MCAD’s MFA program in 2012, and currently teaches at the collegiate level for the Minneapolis Media Institute in Edina, MN, in addition to teaching art classes for youth and adults around the state.

From Artistry: “Ries’ depiction of familiar, often urban, structures in vast rural landscapes creates a curious contradiction and plays on our notions of space, permanence, and memory. Her non-representational color choices and the painterly brush and brayer marks add to the energy each painting conveys.”

Urban Extracts opened April 8th, and the show will run through May 13th.

For more information:

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