• March
  • 22
  • 2017

Jesse R Lentz / Thou Shall Not Covet

This February, second year MFA candidate Jesse R Lentz held a solo show in MCAD’s Gallery 148. Thall Shall Not Covet was an exhibition of 52 photographs of collected objects, each depicting one week of found items from the artist’s life beginning on Feb 17, 2016–the artist’s 25th birthday–and concluding on Feb 17, 2017.

Visitors could also view the collected objects themselves, piled together in a clear plastic case, and were invited to leave behind objects of their own.

To culminate the project, Lentz created a book of photographs paired with 52 lists of each individual item in her year-long collection. Quite a task! The book itself is available for purchase here.

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Thall Shall Not Covet
Jesse R Lentz


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