• September
  • 15
  • 2017

De/Coding Panel Discussion

Last weekend, to conclude the MCAD MFA Fall Exhibition De/Coding, the MFA program hostel a panel discussion. 10 MFA students participated in the discussion, first going around the gallery to give short artists talks about their individual work and practices before gathering together and looking for the connecting threads between all the work.

Christina Schmid, a scholar, critic, and curator from the University of Minnesota, moderated the panel, engaging students and attendees in deeper discussions of material, form, and methods of communication. De/Coding explored the structures of communication in art and the connections between ideas, artworks, and perceptions to encourage dialogue. What happens when those systems for communication break down or don’t do their job correctly? The panel discussion further explored barriers of communication or the feeling of being unheard as well as the ways in which we are all connected.

Participating artists included: Donna Meyer ’19 , Yuchen Zhang ’18, Maria Castillo Ortega ’18, Shun Jie Yong ’18, Anika Schneider ’19, Clarissa Odin ’19, Binbin Shen ’18, Hallie Bahn ’19, Joi Yao ’19, and Zoe Cinel ’18.

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