• May
  • 2
  • 2017

Bianca Jarvis / 2017 Thesis Candidate

Bianca Jarvis utilizes the creative process as a space to examine personal experience and ask questions that focus on loss, memory, and imagination. Jarvis experiments with print processes, installation, and collage to understand how memory is transformed through the labor of making and the rigor of contemplation. 

Jarvis asks: how do we make sense of loss? And what happens with a lifetime’s worth of artwork? These questions frame her handling, organizing, and manipulation of her mother’s archives both methodologically and emotionally. These pieces seek to affirm the moments she remembers, to honor her mother’s life, death, and legacy, and to make real what time has since been made malleable.

Be sure to join us on Friday, May 12th from 6-9pm at the MFA Graduate Studios to enjoy Bianca’s thesis work, along with the other 2017 graduates!

MFA Thesis Exhibition and Reception

For more information: visit Bianca Jarvis online.

Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies

Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies

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