• August
  • 13
  • 2017

Alumni Highlight / Erin Sandsmark + Altered Aesthetics

MFA painting alum Erin Sandsmark ’17 exhibited new and old work this August and September, hosted by Altered Aesthetics gallery located in The Southern Theater. There was an opening reception and artist talk on August 4.

Uncovered: Works by Erin Sandsmark is a collection of works that center around the artist’s body. These paintings take specific moments of interaction with the naked body, and ask the viewer to react and reflect on the flesh presented to them. Color has become increasingly important, taking on the flesh in new ways. Erin is focused on personal power, and how to use one’s physicality and intellect to garner that power. Fat bodies, in these paintings, are brought into a public space, confronting a body that has been so open for judgement and disgust. Each work is about the flesh, and the complexities of having a fat, female body.”

Altered Aesthetics is a “nonprofit community organization run by artists, for artists.” Their mission is to “foster an inclusive and sustainable arts community through exhibitions, education, and outreach.”

 Uncovered: Works by Erin Sandsmark, will be on display until September 17.

Photos by Zoe Cinel.

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Uncovered: Works by Erin Sandsmark
Altered Aesthetics
Erin Sandsmark
The Southern Theatre

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