• July
  • 13
  • 2017

Alumni Highlight / Bianca Jarvis + Jack Pavlik at Red Garage Studio

On the first Friday of July, MCAD MFA alum Bianca Jarvis ’17 and Jack Pavlik ’12 were featured guest artists at Red Garage Studio in South Minneapolis. Jarvis and Pavlik were featured as a part of MT2, Red Garage Studio’s Manual Transmission summer series focusing on work “created using hand processes, with minimal or no technology or digital fabrication.” The purpose of the Manual Transmission series is to look for humor–laugh-out-loud, subtle satire, or maybe bittersweet–in collaboration with the “beautiful uniqueness and imperfection of human creativity.” The show included a “full mix of media, including painting, collage, photography, metal casting, video, and installation.

Jarvis, a printmaking alum, “combines painting with print processes, installation, and mixed media collage to examine personal experiences surrounding loss, memory, and imagination, and how our experience of memory is dictated by our relationship to spaces that are deeply imprinted on our psyche. Using the memory of her mother as a point of departure, the implied narratives that weave through her works reveal the mental and spiritual spaces she inhabits when reflecting on the past. Each piece affirms the moments she remembers, to make real what time has since made malleable.”

Pavlik, a sculpture alum, focuses his practice around movement. “Whether it is a computer programmed mechanical object with a life of its own or a repurposed piece of institutional furniture being used in a performative video, his work continually pairs distinct forces and objects in portrayals of competition and coexistence. His most recent body of work is an examination of how people react to systems that exist to modify behavior, how space is manipulated and how it manipulates us, provoking discussions about change, instability, and unease in people’s lives.”

MT2 is up at Red Garage Studio until July 16. Don’t miss it!

Photography by Zoe Cinel

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